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The Ob Gyn Board Prep Coach you've been waiting for!

Online Coaching with Dr. Tiffany Martinez

Dr. Tiffany

Ob Gyn Board Prep Coach

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Making Notes

Personalized Strategies

Dr. Tiffany Martinez will walk you through the painful process of the Oral Boards.

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A name you can trust.

From patient care to client experience, Dr. Tiffany delivers.

"I would recommend Dr. Martinez for Oral Boards preparation because she really took the time to help me understand how to approach questions asked during the exam and how to formulate my answers in a concise and logical way. She also helped me focus on high yield topics and made sure I knew them well."

- Dr. Sofiya C.

Why waste money and time?


Do it right the first time!

"Dr. Martinez was the board prep coach I did not know I needed. I had a lot of anxiety and fear about taking my oral boards, not because I did not know the information, but because I wasn’t sure if I studying the right information or if I  would give the right ‘board answer.’ Dr Martinez reminded me first that I practice OBGYN safely every day. She then provided me with tools and techniques to succeed and feel confident in front of the examiners. Not only was she knowledgeable and well read, but she was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommended her to help you present your best self on exam day."

- Dr. Monica W.

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